Signs Your Property Needs Exterior Waterproofing

by Grace Motley

Whether you have a basement or crawl space around the foundation, there is a possibility that water could ultimately get in these areas and cause damage. That's why exterior waterproofing services exist for homeowners. If any of the following signs are present, look into exterior waterproofing as soon as you can.

Visible Water Marks Present

If water damage has already affected the basement or crawl space around your property, then it will show up in the form of stains. You can see these stains just by looking at them, so it's important to keep them in mind when you inspect these areas of your home periodically. 

If you see a lot of water stains along the floor or wall areas, water is getting in somewhere and you thus need to consider exterior waterproofing solutions. They'll be an effective defense against water wherever it is getting through.

Water Is Pooling

Sometimes, it's fairly easy to know that your home needs exterior waterproofing because there will actually be pooling water around areas of the basement or crawl space. You need to do something about this water before severe damage and mold develop.

What you can do is contact an exterior waterproofing company and have them first pump or dry this pooling water. They'll then trace back its point of origin and then know what areas of your property require exterior waterproofing solutions. That should keep water from getting back into your home.

Walls Are Soft

In addition to checking for pooling water and water stains, it's a good idea to actually touch the walls around your basement or crawl space. If they feel softer than normal, then that could be because water is building up against them. That's going to lead to severe structural damage eventually.

Exterior waterproofing solutions will help you deal with this problem in a safe and effective manner. You just need to find a qualified waterproofing company and make sure their solutions are going to last a long time so that you don't have to make further adjustments any time soon. Then you'll just need to repair or replace walls that have water damage.

If you notice certain signs around your home that indicate water is getting in—be it in the crawl space or basement—exterior waterproofing is a great response that you can put a lot of faith into. That's particularly true if you hire a certified and experienced waterproofing company.