Ways To Maintain Your Concrete Pool Deck

by Grace Motley

If you own a swimming pool, you understand the value of maintenance. Pool cleaning helps to maintain water cleanliness and also increases the lifespan of your pool. As you maintain the pool water and shell, you should remember your pool deck as well. A well-maintained deck contributes to the aesthetic appeal of your pool. Additionally, a deck in good condition provides safety to pool users. If you ignore deck cleaning, the concrete may become slippery, and this condition becomes a safety hazard. For these reasons, you need your pool contractor to maintain your deck accordingly. Here are the common concrete pool deck maintenance techniques that the experts use.

Pressure Washing

Contractors understand that maintaining your deck helps to increase its lifespan. Hence, the professionals use pressure washers to eliminate dirt, dust, leaf debris, and other forms of litter. Pressure washing also helps eliminate molds and algae. These organisms are unsightly and can cause fungal skin infections to pool users. Additionally, when the algae grow on the concrete, the surface becomes slimy, increasing the risk of slip and fall accidents. The experts ensure that they wash every area of your deck thoroughly and maintain safety.

Crack Fill-up

While you may use sealants on your deck as a way of preventing damage to the concrete, cracks may develop over time as the adhesive wears off. These gaps can interfere with your deck's appearance, and they make your deck vulnerable to extensive damage if not repaired. The cracks also expose you to the risks of tripping that could cause accidents. Fortunately, contractors can help solve the crack problem by smoothing the crack edges and filling up the cracks with new adhesive.

Concrete Levelling

As your concrete ages, shifting may be common. Shifting happens when water penetrates the concrete and settles below the surface. With time, the slab may shift, and you may notice a difference in the leveling between your deck and other pool areas. When the concrete shifts, your pool might crumble. In this case, the experts may use several pool deck maintenance techniques, including grout filling and sand-jacking. If the damage is extensive, the contractors may then decide to demolish the old deck and install a new one.

Pool deck maintenance techniques include crack repair, pressure washing, and leveling of the concrete. You should hire contractors to take care of your deck since the professionals have the right tools and expertise to successfully carry out these maintenance techniques.

For more information, contact a pool deck maintenance service in your area.