Foundation Repairs Your Home Will Need When Making Basement Renovation Plans

by Grace Motley

If you are planning a basement renovation project, there are issues that you have to deal with. Your home's foundation can be one of the issues you have to address before you begin. For instance, it may have problems such as old water issues and structural problems that need to be repaired. The following foundation repair information will help you deal with these issues before renovating:

Problems With Water Getting In  

Some of the problems that you may need to address before renovating your basement might involve water. Water penetrations are a serious issue in any basement and can be difficult to get rid of. Some basement water problems that need to be addressed include:

  • Waterproofing failures at walls
  • Clogged drainage and seepage into the basement
  • Moisture due to a lower water table

The water problems may require updating foundation waterproofing and other improvements to ensure your renovated basement stays dry.

Settling Issues Causing Structural Damage

The foundation of your home can also be affected by settling issues that can cause severe structural damage. Settling foundation can include:

  • Soft soils causing loads to settle
  • Erosion of the soil that supports the foundation
  • Old, outdated foundations failing

The settling of the foundation can cause severe structural damage to your home. All settling problems will need to be repaired before doing any renovations to your structure.

Problems With Foundation Walls

The foundation walls are another area where you may have problems that need to be repaired. There are different types of foundation wall damage and solutions to repair these issues. Some of the types of foundation wall damage that you may need to have repaired include:

  • Bowing walls (common with block and masonry)
  • Settling cracks due to footing problems
  • Cracks due to start water pressure and poor drainage

The problems with foundation walls will also need to be addressed when preparing for renovations.

Issues With Failing Foundation Footing Beams

Footing beams are the main structural component of foundations. They support structural loads, which means it is important that they are inspected before beginning renovations. Issues with foundation footings that may need repairs include:

  • Failure under structural loads
  • Misalignment of footing beams
  • Plans to make structural changes that affect footing beams

The failing foundation footing beams may need to be repaired and updated to make changes when renovating your basement.

Foundation issues can grow into serious problems after completing renovations. Therefore, you want to contact a foundation repair service to discuss inspecting and repairing any problems before beginning renovations.