Steps Homeowners Can Take To Properly Maintain Concrete Foundations

by Grace Motley

Concrete foundations are pretty easy to set up and they are very long-lasting. However, in order for you as a homeowner to enjoy it stress-free for years and years, certain things have to be done when it comes to maintenance. These steps can help you excel with this part of taking care of your home.

Be Judicious About Plant Watering

You may have a lot of plants around the side of your home. It could be hedges and beautiful flowers of some species. Keeping these plants watered is important for them to stay alive, but you don't want to give them too much water. That would make the soil around the foundation extra wet, which could damage a concrete foundation over time.

It's just best to be judicious about plant watering. See what the bare minimum is for the amount of water you can give plants around the foundation without leaving this part of your home more susceptible to damage.

Have Underground Plumbing Tested Frequently

There will more than likely be underground plumbing around your property that you want to stay mindful of. If leaks were to develop, then water could gradually build up around the concrete foundation and then cause it to crack. Regular inspections will help you identify this problem early before it has the chance to affect your concrete foundation.

Every couple of months or quarterly should be enough frequency to closely watch underground plumbing, ensuring pipes are not damaged and causing water to leak out around your home's concrete foundation.

Know What Foundation Problems Are Major

There will be a lot of minor problems that happen with your foundation. It could just be surface-level stuff that won't really cause that much damage if you don't get to it right away. Then you'll have major concrete foundational problems that should be looked at right away because otherwise, a lot of other sections of your home could become impacted.

You want to know what these problems are before they happen around your concrete foundation so that your response is fast enough. Some examples include shifting piers, if your home was built on them, and really large cracks. Have these glaring issues looked at right away.

Homes that are built on concrete foundations need to be cared for in a certain way. If you care about this maintenance and keep this attitude over the years, you'll have every chance to deal with foundation problems correctly before severe costs are thrown your way. 

Contact a local concrete foundation service to get more tips.