River Rock Landscaping Projects to Give Outdoor Spaces a Custom Design

by Grace Motley

If you want to create a more custom landscaping design for outdoor spaces, choosing the right materials is important. You may also want some ideas for different rock features to create the custom outdoor design you are looking for. River rocks are a great material because they offer solutions for various outdoor landscaping design projects. The following river rock projects will give you some ideas of things that you can do to give your landscaping a custom design:

Creating Flower Beds With River Rock

The flower beds around your home are some of the first areas to consider adding river rocks. Certain things need to be done when using river rock as a ground cover, including:

  • Adding a drainage layer
  • Spraying the surface with herbicide
  • Installing a textile weed barrier

The flower beds need to have weed barrier textiles installed to prevent problems with weeds growing in your new ground cover.

Installing River Rock Pavement Surfaces

River rock can also be used for other features like hardscaping surfaces. Several solutions can be used to add river rock to your pavements, including:

  • Using mortar to finish the surface of pavements with river rock
  • Mixing concrete with river rock for aggregate
  • Embedding river rock into concrete after it is poured

The river rock pavements will create a more attractive finish for surfaces like sidewalks, paths, and driveways.  

Veneers for Retaining Walls and Other Structures

The retaining walls are another area where you may want to use river rocks. These are great areas to add veneers that can give your outdoor spaces a custom look. Different types of river rock veneer designs that you can do include:

  • Using large rocks for a natural look
  • Using different colors and sizes for custom designs
  • Creating artistic themed designs in the veneers

The veneers are a great solution to makeover many different types of retaining wall materials.

River Rock Decorations and Rock Garden Features

There are also decorative projects that you can do with river rocks. These can be as simple as rock gardens, or they can be more complicated artistic designs and sculptures that give your outdoor space character. Some ideas that you may want to try for these artistic river rock projects include:

  • Create flowing patterns like natural rivers
  • Rock gardens with themed, river rock sculptures
  • Sketch artistic designs to build with river rocks

The decorative rock features will help give your landscaping custom designs. You can also combine these different projects to add the custom features you want for your outdoor spaces.

The river rock features are a great way to add color and custom designs to your landscaping. Contact a landscaping supply service, such as A & A Materials, to get the river rock and other materials you need to start these projects.