Custom Aluminum Fence Installation Guide To Add Valuable Security To Your Property

by Grace Motley

If you are ready to add a custom fence to your property, aluminum materials give you a lot of options. There are features and custom designs that can be added to your fence when you have it installed. Therefore, you are going to want to begin planning and choosing the features you want for your aluminum fence. The following custom aluminum fence information will help you with a fence installation project for your property:

Deciding Where to Install the New Fence

You will need to begin by deciding where you are going to install the new fence. Depending on the areas where you install the fence, you may want to use different aluminum fencing materials. Things to consider for the location of the new fence include:

  • Regulations for property lines at roads  
  • Easement requirements
  • Features and access needs of your property

The regulations and easements are important when planning your new fence and laying out the fence line.  

Planning the Design of Your Custom Fence

There are also a lot of options for the design of the new fence you have installed. The planning can include deciding what type of posts are used or adding masonry features to the design. There are other things you want to take into account during the planning stage, including:

  • Choosing options like masonry parapet walls
  • Privacy needs of your property
  • Height of the fence in different locations
  • Easement requirements

The new fence you have installed may need features like brick walls and pillars to support the fence sections. This will enhance the design and improve the security of the new fence you have installed.

Choosing the Aluminum Fencing Materials

Today, there are a variety of aluminum fencing materials that you can use for your new fence. These can have features like custom finials or ornamental details. Options that you may want to consider when choosing the aluminum fence materials include:

  • Aluminum panels for privacy fence designs
  • Traditional metal fences with finials
  • Square fence sections with a flat top rail

The fence you have installed can have a combination of these fencing materials to give more of a custom design.

Adding Custom Gates and Decorative Features

The fence may also need to have custom gates installed. There are different options to consider for the custom gates you have installed with your aluminum fence, including:

  • Decorative custom iron gate designs
  • Custom metalwork like finials and privacy panels
  • Ornamental fence sections to enhance the appearance of fencing

The custom gates and other features will give your fence a unique design. If you are installing the gate for a commercial property, it is usually better to have one entrance and exit for security.

The addition of a custom aluminum fence can be a valuable investment for your property. Contact a company like Ornamental Design Ironworks Inc to get more information.