Commercial Demolition Guide To Prepare Real Estate Investments For Buildouts And Renovations

by Grace Motley

When you invest in commercial real estate, often the properties are old and outdated. You are going to need to invest in renovations and building out space. Before the renovation work can begin, though, there is important demolition that you will need to be done to prepare the site. The following commercial demolition guide will help prepare your real estate investment for renovations:

Inspecting the Structure Before Demolition Begins

The structure you are planning the demolition for will need to be inspected before work can begin. This is the time when you will want to begin with planning and decide on what needs to be removed from the building. Issues that you will want to look for when inspecting the building before demolition include:

  • Existing foundation and structural damage
  • Building age and where updates are needed for modern building regulations
  • Where changes are going to be made, and the retrofitting will be needed

The inspection needs to be done to determine what needs to be done to support the structure and make any planned structural changes.

Supporting and Preparing the Structure for Demolition

When you are ready to begin the demolition, there may be temporary support that needs to be added. These supports can be used in different situations, including:

  • Retrofitting the structure with steel reinforcements
  • Adding temporary steel support beams for structural changes
  • Support for load-bearing walls while making changes

The temporary support can be installed to make structural changes to the building or be added to support original materials.

Making Structure Changes to Remove Commercial Interiors

There may be structural changes that you are planning to do during the demolition and renovations. These changes have to be carefully planned with the demolition services and general contractor that is responsible for the renovations. These structural changes may include:

  • Removing the existing partition walls
  • Stripping walls of aesthetic finishes
  • Removing the acoustic ceilings and flooring

The structural changes may be needed to gut the interior of commercial property and make room for the new design you are planning during the renovations.

Removing the Storefront Finishes to Complete the Demolition

The storefront finishes are other areas where demolition may need to be done. The good news is these are often aesthetic finishes that can easily be removed without affecting the structure. The storefronts are going to be the last areas where demolition needs to be done. After the storefront has been removed, the last of the cleanup can be done, and you will be ready to complete the renovations of your commercial property.

The demolition work is important to prepare your property for renovations and buildouts. Contact a commercial demolition service for help with planning your project to get it ready for renovations.