Heating System Issues That Should Be Checked Before Winter Sets In

by Grace Motley

The heating system in your home is critical as the winter months approach, so testing the system before you need it can prevent a problem when you start it up. If the system is not working correctly when you test start it, you may need to have a heating repair service inspect the system and make any required repairs. 

Restricted Air Flow

One of the most common problems with heating systems that are not running properly or that don't start is airflow. If the air can not circulate through the heating system, it can not heat the house, and most systems have a safety switch on them that will shut the furnace down if the airflow is too low. 

A heating repair technician will often check the air filters in your heating system first if you are having trouble with it running correctly. If the filters are dirty, they are easy to change and a relatively inexpensive solution. Have the tech show you where the filters are and how to change them if you are unsure. 

This is maintenance you can do that will positively impact the heating system and make it run more efficiently. The filters are typically available at your local home center and are relatively inexpensive, so keeping a few extra filters on hand is a good idea. 

Worn Belts

Most furnace blowers use an electric motor and a belt to drive the impeller that circulates the air through the heating system. If the bower's belt starts to wear excessively, it can break, and then the blower will stop circulating air. 

The heating repair tech can replace the belt for you, but it is a good idea to have it checked before the heating season starts.  A broken belt will shut the heating system down because the airflow will stop, and if it is cold outside, it won't take long before the house starts to cool off inside. 

The belts should be part of the regular maintenance on your heating system, but it is often hard to get to, so best left to a heating repair tech to change. 

Thermostat Failures

Old thermostats are one of the biggest culprits in heating system failures. If you still have an old manual thermostat on the wall, it might be time to consider replacing it with one that is better suited to working with your modern heating system. 

You do not need a heating repair company to change the thermostat, but you can ask them to do it for you while maintaining the system if you are not comfortable doing it. Updating the thermostat can add features like smart home integration and the ability to monitor the temperature and adjust it on your smartphone when you are away from home or away from the thermostat. For more information, contact someone like McGuire Plumbing & Heating Inc.