Fundamental Questions To Ask Before Your Land Is Surveyed

by Grace Motley

Land surveys are an essential part of most real estate transactions. They also play a significant role in the land development process by offering the involved parties the correct land representation and what can be done to develop the lot. 

What's more, any disagreements with your neighbors will be resolved when you get the land surveyed. With all these benefits, it's clear that the work that land surveyors do is essential. But before your land is surveyed, it's crucial to ask a number of vital questions to be informed and ensure the process is flawless. Some of these queries are outlined below.

What Type of Survey Is Needed?

Currently, there are different forms of surveys you can consider depending on your requirements. This includes mortgage surveys required by mortgage lenders, title companies, and banks; boundary surveys for identifying property corner locations and resolving property line disputes; and construction surveys for outlining land features and structures such as walls, roads, buildings, and utilities before starting a construction project. 

Other additional forms include subdivision, site planning, location, topographic, mining, engineering hydrographic, and geodetic surveys. Your land surveyor will ask questions to know the scope of work, so they can choose the best survey.

How Much Should I Set Aside for the Project?

The amount that's charged to survey varies from one project to another. Costs usually vary because nearly all projects have different conditions and situations that must be considered. So, it would be challenging to standardize the costs in advance. This is particularly true for complicated legal land disputes. 

A good rule of thumb is to select several qualified and experienced land surveyors and ask them to provide a detailed quotation after sharing the primary project details. The chances are that you will find a surveyor you can afford to pay since they charge reasonable rates for the service. This way, you'll set the money aside or prepare a reasonable budget before the surveying work starts.

Should I Prepare for the Surveying?

The fact that you have found the best land surveyor to handle your project doesn't mean that you are ready for the project. There are specific preparations that should be made to ensure the project runs seamlessly. Your land surveying expert will discuss the process with you and share tips on how to prepare. 

For instance, they'll ask you to get the property's official legal documentation before they can start work. These documents are copies of the original title deed or Title Insurance Policy. Visit a website like to get started.