The Process And Benefits Of Solar Panels

by Grace Motley

Solar Panel Installation Process

Installing solar panels is a quick process. Once all the necessary paperwork and permits have been finished, solar panels can usually be put up in one to three days. First, the solar installer will make sure that your roof is safe, and the shingles are properly attached. Then, they put in the wiring that will attach the panels to the main electrical system. Next, the attach the racking to your roof. Once the racking is in place, they can attach the solar panels to it. Then they connect the wiring so that you can start to get your solar electricity.

Benefits of Solar Panels

The benefits of solar panels are undeniable. They can be used almost anywhere, they save you money, and they increase home value. Any one of these benefits would be worth getting panels for, but solar panels come with all of them.

Versatile Location Options

Most states in the United States are rated as have good to excellent solar resource. Even the states that generally do not get as much sun as other places, like the Pacific Northwest and Alaska, still get enough sun to make getting solar panels a cost-effective choice. Solar panels can also be installed in most places, not just on roofs. You can have them added to the side of your house, or even in your yard. So, wherever you are in the United States, but especially if you are in sunnier states like Texas, Florida, and California, getting solar panels will be of great benefit to you.

Saving Money

Admittedly, there is a large initial cost that comes with buying and installing solar panels. After that though, the cost drops to practically nothing to maintain. Because there is no need for an outside source to function, there is very little to zero cost to maintain and produce the energy that you will be using. As your monthly electric bills go down, your savings on electricity will continue to rise.

Increased Home Value

Adding solar panels to your home is a great way to increase its value. With more than a million homes in United States going solar, it is becoming more common and desirable. Just like a beautifully-renovated kitchen or yard add to the value of a home, solar panels can often bring in a premium price when you decide to sell your house. Studies are also showing that having solar panels can shorten the time that a home spends on the market, so they are a great addition if you want to be able to sell your home quickly.

For more information about solar installation, contact a local solar company.