Tips When Working With Construction Quality Control Managers

by Grace Motley

Construction quality control managers have a very important role, and that's to ensure compliance on a lot of different things throughout the course of a construction project. If you have a project that requires assistance from said professional, be careful about how you work with them. 

Ensure You've Found a Good Fit First

Before this relationship with a construction quality control manager begins, you want to take some time to ensure you've found a good fit. Then you can be confident in how this professional will work with others around the construction site.

One aspect you want to closely review with this professional is their communication style. How do they communicate changes that need to happen in order to remain compliant? Is it aggressive and short, or is the contractor open-minded and patient about what they want done? You can find out for certain by talking to the quality control manager in a formal interview.

Provide Them with Relevant Documents and Plans

Once you've made sure the construction quality control manager is a good fit for your construction project and company, you'll want to provide them with relevant documents and plans that detail different stages of development.

The quality control manager needs to see these resources to see what direction you're going in and what potential mistakes you may not have noticed. Make sure they have easy access to these resources too so that their work isn't stifled by delays.

Be Open to Changes

Regardless of how well you think your construction project is already going, there will usually be issues that still need to be changed. It could be the way your contractors are working on a certain structure or the designs that are in place.

For a construction quality control manager to do their job effectively when working with your construction company, you need to always remain open to changes that they suggest. They aren't trying to undermine your authority or make you look bad. You hired them to provide compliance changes when necessary, and that's what they're going to do. Make sure your workers are open to their suggestions too so that conflicts don't come about. 

There are a lot of compliancy factors with any major construction project, and your construction company can better manage them with assistance from a construction quality control manager. As long as you view this relationship as positive and take certain precautions, you'll get more out of their services. 

To learn more, contact a construction quality control manager.