Washing Away Prevailing Myths About Sewer Line Jetting

by Grace Motley

Sewer lines may be hanging out beneath the ground on your property, but, occasionally, these lines do need a bit of maintenance attention. Sewer line jetting can be one of the most effective ways to target drainage issues, but several myths can get in the way of asking for the service. 

Myth: Sewer line jetting involves harsh chemicals. 

Some service providers may utilize cleaning solutions to help break down debris inside of a sewer line. However, the bulk of the action happens with just water and air pressure alone. Much like a jet of water from a pressure washer, the pressure can actually be adjusted, and the flow of water can be manipulated. For example, the water stream can be pinpointed to target a certain spot or to clean the full diameter of the line with one spray. 

Myth: You can't perform sewer line jetting on an older sewer line. 

Older sewer lines can be just as suitable for cleaning with a water jet as any newer line. In fact, cleaning an old line with water jets can actually be more logical for an older line because these lines can be more prone to breaking down when the supporting ground around the line is disturbed. So, even if your sewer lines are older than most, you can still opt for sewer jetting services if you have an issue with drainage. 

Myth: Sewer line jetting is only logical if you have severe clogs. 

Severe clogs tend to be the number one reason a property owner will ask about sewer line jetting. Nevertheless, the process works just as well for minimal clogs, slow lines, and even just general drainage issues. The natural accumulation of debris in a sewage line leaves a great deal of buildup inside a line. Many property owners will actually opt for jetting periodically just to have their sewer lines cleaned, which can prevent future problems with major clogs. 

Myth: You can't find a sewer line jetting service if you live in a rural area. 

Even though contractors are capable of offering sewer line jetting services anywhere they may be more concentrated in urban areas because there is a greater need for their services. However, you can still find these professionals in rural areas. In fact, many sewer repair professionals now have the equipment to do water jetting to clear both plumbing and sewer lines. Therefore, you should have no trouble finding a contractor who offers the service no matter what area you may live in. To learn more about sewer jetting, contact a contractor near you.