The Benefits Of Using Ready-Mix Concrete As A Contractor

by Grace Motley

As a concrete contractor, you are often tasked with helping people repair, replace or build out their driveways, sidewalks, parking lots and other concrete structures. While there are benefits to creating concrete from scratch yourself, there are multiple reasons why ready-mix concrete remains popular with people in your line of work or industry. Here's why you should start using more ready-mix concrete on a regular basis as a concrete contractor.

Better Consistency

When you order ready-mix concrete, you will get a substance that is largely ready to go and will have a uniform texture and appearance throughout. You might enjoy hand-mixing your own concrete to a certain extent, and maybe you even think that you can create a better final product by using your own expertise, but any hand-mixer also knows that some concrete will have to be thrown out because it won't pass the consistency or quality test. When you order ready-mix concrete, it will arrive with this quality assurance testing already conducted. You'll receive concrete with excellent consistency throughout the batch and may be able to provide a more consistently high-quality product to your customers.

Save Time and Fit More Clients Onto Your Schedule

When you switch to ready-mix concrete as a contractor, you will be able to speed up each individual appointment. The concrete will be ready to go much faster and can therefore start setting faster. If you keep this up throughout the work day, you will find that each individual appointment will not take as much time as it used to. You may actually be able to squeeze an additional appointment or two into your work schedule on a daily basis if you are no longer creating the concrete from scratch by yourself.

Safer for You and the Environment

If you are still creating concrete from scratch on-site, you know that this process can kick up a good bit of dust. While you are likely wearing protective safety gear, it's still possible you could inhale a bit of this dust from time to time. The dust making it into the surrounding environment likely isn't good for the neighborhood either. Ready-mix concrete won't create this problem, leading to a safer environment for all involved.

As a contractor, you want to provide the highest-quality concrete possible, and maybe that's why you like to create it on-site from scratch — you can then be in charge of everything from start to finish. But today's ready-mix concrete from a trusted provider will still be of outstanding quality and may even be more consistent throughout as opposed to the batch you create yourself. Contact a ready-mix provider today for more information.