Your Home Builder Can Add Charm To Your Home's Profile

by Grace Motley

Your custom home builder can help you build a home that's the right size and that has all the features you and your family need. But they can also help you design and construct a home that displays your personality and has unique elements to give added visual appeal. Here are a few ways your custom home builder can add charm to your home's profile as you're designing and building your home.

1. Add a turret

Bringing to mind castles and romantic escapades, turrets are a charming, quirky addition to a modern home. Often found in Victorian- or Queen Anne-style architecture, these small round rooms at the top of the house can provide a number of benefits. Not only do turrets make the house stand out and add a fun touch, but they can provide a great reading room with beautiful views. They can even be a good vantage point for viewing the night sky.

2. Build a tower or round home

If you're really in love with the round room principle, why stop at a turret? You can build a round tower on one side of your home or even use circular construction for the entire home. In addition to being quirky and charming, circular homes are said to be more energy-efficient (for heating and cooling), more weather-resistant, and more efficient in their use of building materials.

3. Include eyebrow dormers

Dormer windows can be a fun touch, but why not take it a step further with less conventional dormers? You can choose a more unique style such as an eyebrow dormer to add extra visual interest to your home's profile.

4. Incorporate a tree

If you want a modern, grown-up version of a treehouse, building around a tree may be right for you. Modern custom home builders can incorporate a tree into your home in a variety of ways. For instance, a large circular opening in both the floor and ceiling of your home can give the tree plenty of space to grow, and a transparent wall around the hole can keep your conditioned air in.

An easier way to incorporate a tree into the build is to construct your front porch or deck around the tree. This way, you'll only have to create an opening in the deck (rather than both a floor and a ceiling), and if the tree grows too large for the opening, adjusting the opening size will be an easier feat.

These are just a few of the ways that a custom home builder can help add that individualized touch to your home's profile. For more information about the available options, contact a custom home builder today.