Well Pump Issues You May Have To Address

by Grace Motley

A water well is one of the most popular options for providing a home with water. However, this can be an option that is prone to suffer malfunctions. Given the serious problems that you can experience when your home runs out of water, it is important to have a basic understanding of the problems that can be encountered and the repairs that may be needed.

A Lack Of Water Pressure Or Availability Could Indicate A Failure Of The Storage Tank

When your water well stops producing water, you may assume that this means that the pump itself is failing. However, it could also indicate that there is a leak with the storage tank for the well. Homeowners may be unaware of the fact that the water from the pump will be stored in a tank before it is released into the home. This can ensure a steady supply of water, but it can also increase the risk of a disruption as a result of a leak in the storage tank. Fortunately, it is often possible to patch a storage tank that has developed a minor puncture, but if your system's storage tank is buried, it may require excavation work to complete this repair. Contact a water well pump repair contractor to learn more.

Sediments In The Water Can Create Serious Performance Problems For The Pump

The sediments in the water that your pump pulls out of the ground can also lead to some performance problems with the system. For example, these sediments can clog the pump or the supply line, and this can lead to a range of problems for the system. If your water source has a high concentration of these substances in it, you may want to invest in the addition of a filtration system. One of these systems will be able to remove the majority of the particulate matter that is floating in the water so that your pump system can be spared from the majority of these potential complications.

Replacing A Damaged Or Malfunctioning Well Pump Is A Challenging Task

In cases where the well pump has suffered particularly serious problems, a total replacement may be needed. One of these replacement projects can be an extremely difficult undertaking. This is often the result of the extreme weight of these systems as they may weigh several hundred pounds. Additionally, they are likely to be buried, which can make them harder to reach. As a result of these challenges, a homeowner will need to rely on a professional that has the tools needed to be able to effectively remove and replace the malfunctioning well pump.