2 Things to Consider Before Getting Dual-Tone Exterior Coating Products

by Grace Motley

If your corporate colors have changed or if your building's exterior consists of a neutral color that doesn't stand out, you may be interested in a dual-tone exterior coating upgrade. Choose a color combination and paint type that will support the exterior coverage that you prefer. Here are a few things to consider before investing. 

Consider Fixtures and Surroundings

If the color combination that you will be using will coincide with the corporate color scheme that is utilized within your workplace, an interior surface or a promotional item that portrays these colors can be used to color match the paint that will be used to cover the building's exterior.

If you are going to be implementing a new color design and haven't settled on two colors of paint, use color swatches or visual cues to help you choose complementary colors that will be attractive year round. Assess the type of fixtures that are located on your building's exterior and take a look at the businesses that surround your commercial building.

Choose a color combination that won't overpower small details on your building or that won't be exactly the same as the paint colors that were used to coat a business that is located within eyeview of your business. If your building is located in a district where one prominent siding and paint type is used on most of the buildings, however, you may want to use this same color scheme so that it coincides with the majority of the storefronts that are located within the area.

Choose Weather Resistant Products

Exterior paint consists of oil-based products, latex products, acrylic resins, and powder coatings. Oil-based paints are efficient in waterproofing an exterior surface and protecting from the sun's rays. Oil paint products will form a hard seal across siding pieces. Standard latex will not be as glossy as an oil-based paint product, but will dry quickly and be weather and UV resistant. Acrylic latex is more durable than latex that lacks an acrylic component.

An acrylic resin forms a barrier that will expand and shrink with icy weather. The binders in the paint will prevent a coating from cracking. A powder coating is a product that can be applied to metal, plastic, steel, and concrete. If your contractor offers this type of product, you may want to have it applied to dock poles or trimwork. A powder coating will texturize surfaces and offer the same weather-resistant properties as many popular exterior paint products.

To learn more, contact exterior coating contractors.