See Why Most Homeowners Consider Installing Drywall These Days

by Grace Motley

Drywall is newer than plaster in the world of interior design and construction. Actually, many homeowners have switched from plaster to drywall because it offers many advantages over the older material. Drywall is softer than plaster, and you can tell the difference by sticking a thumbtack into the wall. The material comes from gypsum, and you can customize it into any color and texture that is best suited for your home.

Here are the three main reasons you should consider installing drywall as opposed to other types of wall and plaster materials. 

It Resists Water and Mold

Water and moisture are some of the biggest problems that homeowners have to deal with as their home becomes older. The moisture could be from poor plumbing and leaking fixtures. It could also be from external sources such as floods and rainwater. Regular plaster and wood get damaged easily by these elements. 

The presence of moisture on these surfaces usually leads to mold damage, which creates stains on the walls and eventually causes structural damage. The gypsum used to create drywall is much better than other materials. It is completely non-porous and will not create irreparable water damage problems in your home. 

It Is Easy to Fix

The other benefit that comes with installing drywall as opposed to plaster and other wall materials is that it is easy to fix. Cracks, holes, and other physical damage can appear on any part of your home. For example, you might damage the wall when trying to move a certain piece of furniture. 

If the wall is made of plaster, you might have to tear down an entire portion of the wall in an attempt to repair it. The beauty of drywall is that it is very easy to fix. Also, because it is made from gypsum, it is resistant to damage caused by fire.

The Material Is Energy Efficient

Drywall is fantastic when it comes to insulation. When you use the material for your interiors, it helps trap the heat from the furnace inside the home. Your furnace or other heating systems will not have to work harder to keep you warm. This also means that your HVAC unit will serve you for a longer period, minimizing instances where systems break down and become in need of repair or replacement.

The benefits of installing drywall are countless, especially when you compare it to other construction materials. Hire a professional to install your drywall for the best results. Likewise, contact a drywall installation company for more information.