Protecting Your Road Crew With A Crash Truck Or Traffic Attenuator Rental

by Grace Motley

Working on the road comes with some safety concerns, but some situations require people to be in the street while traffic is passing by. There are many ways to keep your crew safe, and renting a traffic attenuator or crash truck is an excellent option to consider. 

Crash Trucks

A crash truck rental is an excellent way to add an obstacle between the drivers on the road and the work crew. These trucks are typically large trucks with a large traffic attenuator on the back to direct drivers around the work crew.

A large crash cushion is also attached to the back of the truck, so if a driver does not see your crew, they will hit the truck and not the crew working in the roadway. The crash cushion is also rated for specific speeds, so when you are considering crash truck rentals, you need to match the crash truck's rating to the traffic speed in the area you are working. 

The crash truck rental company can help you select a truck that is best suited for your job and that will provide the best protection for your crew. 

Truck Types

Many times crash truck rentals are flatbed or stake side trucks that have space on them for hauling things like cones and road barriers to the work area. When you are looking at these rentals, you may want to ask about a four-door truck that allows you to bring crewmembers to the job site as well. 

Often a four-door cab will have space for six people inside and could reduce the number of vehicles you need to take to the job site. When you're working on the road, having fewer vehicles on the roadside can reduce distractions for drivers and make it easier to move the crew along the road as work progresses. 

Traffic Signals

Many crash truck rentals also have a prominent signboard on the back of the truck that allows you to direct traffic around the truck efficiently. A large amber arrow or a programmable board is a good option but ask the rental company what is available when looking at truck options. 

The truck operator can change the arrows or messages on the board as you need them to divert traffic in different directions if the area your crew is working in changes. For crews like painting crews moving along the road at a slow pace, the flexibility that offers can make the job easier and keep traffic moving while the job is ongoing. 

For more information, contact a local crash truck rental service.