Limestone Additions For Your Property

by Grace Motley

Limestone is a sedentary rock that contains calcium carbonate. It naturally forms along the bottom of the ocean. After being collected, limestone is used to create a variety of landscaping, construction, and household products. If you prefer to use two or more materials that are drastically different in color and texture to improve your property, use limestone to aid with the addition of several functional and/or aesthetically pleasing upgrades.

A Hardscaping Product

Limestone pavers or patio blocks can be used to pave a covered or uncovered driveway or a breezeway that separates your home and garage. The off-white color of the stone will complement vinyl siding, brickwork, or wood. Pavers can be arranged to form a symmetrical covering or pieces that contain an irregular shape can be used to form a hardscape surface that is immobile.

Limestone is a porous material that will trap loose dirt. Excessive moisture that flows through cracks that are between limestone pieces could weaken the stone pieces over time. Choose a limestone product that comes pre-sealed or request that your contractor applies a sealer to the pavement upon the completion of the installation. If you choose to purchase limestone products that do not interlock, an adhesive can be used to secure the materials.

An Aggregate

Loose gravel and small stones are commonly used as an aggregate. If you like the idea of adding one component to the property that surrounds gutter downspouts, window wells, and other areas where rainwater pools, purchase limestone pieces that have been processed and cut to mimic the properties of gravel or small stones.

Limestone will make a prominent visual impact and will complement greenery or vibrant flowers that surround each area where the aggregate is placed. Purchase pre-coated limestone and use a shovel to transfer the limestone to wherever drainage is insufficient.

A Decorative Material

A large piece of limestone that hasn't been cut and that contains jutted and rounded pieces and striations that represent the color variations that a natural stone may possess can be used as a centerpiece for your patio, garden, or yard. Choose an empty area that you would like to build around and purchase a limestone rock that will fit in it. Decide how the space will be utilized, either for relaxation or viewing purposes, and add items that will support your decision. Use furnishings, greenery, wind chimes, or bird feeders to outline the rock.

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