5 Factors To Help You Find The Right Front Porch Size

by Grace Motley

The front porch of a home is a big part of its impression on visitors and its comfort for the family who lives there. But how large or small should that porch be? The answer depends on a variety of factors. Here are a few of the most important.

1. Minimum Recommendations

First, many designers suggest a minimum depth for a front porch for both aesthetics and use. Six feet is a commonly recommended minimum, although you can get away with only four feet if you're in a tight spot. This allows a piece of furniture (such as a chair) or decoration as well as the ability to comfortably walk past it. 

2. Style of the House

Some architectural styles call for a more substantial front porch to complete the look. A Craftsman home, for instance, or farmhouse style are generally designed to feature a large full-length or wrap-around porch. Leaving these out and opting for a small porch instead may cause the home to be unbalanced and lacking in visual appeal. 

3. Intended Usage

How do you want to use the porch? If you're on a busy street and will likely only enter and exit the home via the front porch, you may not want to invest in a large one. It may not be a good return for your money as it gets little extra use. Instead, consider putting your efforts into a large rear porch where you have more privacy and quiet. 

4. Surrounding Landscaping

A homeowner who wants to reduce front yard maintenance is smart to consider a large porch as an alternative. While the porch does require some maintenance, it's less taxing than a full lawn or colorful flower beds. Build a big porch with potted greenery and flowers as well as chairs for relaxing, and your yard will be useful, attractive, and easy to care for. 

5. Your Budget

Of course, your budget may play a role in how large a porch you install. You may not enjoy a grand, expansive porch that put you into debt to achieve. Instead, modern furnishing and porch design can craft an enjoyable space even if you need to keep costs and materials down. 

Which of these factors are the most important for your porch size? The answer is unique to each homeowner. One place to begin is by meeting with a porch builder in your area. Together, you can assess all these needs and find the right balance. Make an appointment today.