How To Treat A New Roofing Project As An Opportunity

by Grace Motley

Putting a new roof on a house can feel like a pretty standard thing to do, even if it's not an everyday job. While it's a great way to protect the investment in your home, new roofing work may also be an opportunity to make some changes and improvements. Here are four ways to seize the opportunities that might come with a new roofing project.

Different Materials

Generally, when contractors and customers discuss instilling a new roof, they're likely talking about stripping down to the supporting structure. In some cases, that means even dealing with new framing work or even putting in fresh beams. In other words, everything must go. Consequently, you'll have a chance to say good-bye to old materials you might not have liked and swap in new ones that are more interesting and functional. For example, you might decide to get rid of asphalt shingles and replace them with cedar shakes.

However, before you choose a contractor and new materials for a reroofing job, it's wise to inquire about whether the company works with your preferred options. Some companies avoid certain materials because they lack the equipment or certifications to install them on a home. As such, check with the roofing company to see what they may be able to work with for your roof.

Picking a Fresh Color

New materials also offer a chance to go with a different color. Depending on how far you want to go with this idea, you might even repaint the house. With minimal changes, you can give a home a whole new look. You might go from a dark-colored roof and light-colored house to a total flip of dark and light, for example. Even a small shift, such as going from black to green shingles, may change things up significantly.

Installing Dormers

With a new roof being installed, there will be an opportunity to cut into the roof and install dormers. These are sections of the house that pop up from a roof. A dormer provides additional indoor space, and it's often a solution used when people refinish an attic. For example, you might convert an attic to a bedroom. In that scenario, the dormer can provide additional living space and a new window, ultimately brightening up the area.

Unique Patterns

A less common project is to change the pattern on the roof. This is especially appealing if you're using different materials. For example, you might go from shingles with straight edges to ones that are rounded. For more information about options when installing a new roof, contact a roofing company.