Here Is What You Should Expect When Having Your Airstream Professionally Renovated

by Grace Motley

Having an old Airstream renovated can make it look and feel like a completely new rig that is as worthy of being on the road as any of the newest RVs out there. Here is what you can expect when having your Airstream trailer professionally renovated.

Lots of Material Options

One thing you can expect when beginning the renovation process for your Airstream is an abundance of material options to choose from. From flooring and wall paint to lighting and exterior finishes, you will have many more options than you would if you were to shop at a local store — or even online. The renovation company you are working with can source any materials that are available from manufacturers throughout the world.

Therefore, you should expect to spend days going through samples and online catalogs and choosing all the materials that you want to use in your renovation. It is a good idea to pick some colors, floor and paint samples, and other materials that you like now and use those as a guide when making your final material decisions.

The Opportunity to Customize

You do not have to stick with the exact design of your Airstream while renovating it. You can add new shelves, include a built-in bed frame and bookshelf, and even fashion new wooden steps for the trailer's door. You can replace all the hardware with customized options and even include things like a solar ceiling fan and a small sink if you want to.

Exactly what you can and cannot customize will depend on a few things including the current design and setup of your Airstream and the types of customization services the renovation company you are working with offers. Ask for a list of customization options upfront so you know what to expect when it comes time to plan each step of the renovation process.

Some Time Without Your Rig

You should expect that your renovations will not be completed overnight unless you are simply getting a paint job. Even if you are only refurbishing the existing flooring, walls, and furniture, it will likely take more than a week to complete. Anything more than basic refurbishing could take several weeks. Your service provider should be able to provide you with a timeline estimate so you have an idea of roughly when you will get your trailer back and when you can start planning some adventures in it. In general, you should plan to be without your trailer for at least a week.

For more information, contact an Airstream renovation company in your area.