Signs That Prove A Roof Repair Is In Order

by Grace Motley

Even if you have the best type of materials on your residential roof and they were set up by true pros, you could still run into a couple of snags. Here are some warning signs that a roof repair is on the horizon or needs to be done right away.

Chimney Flashing Coming Apart

In order to get a watertight connection around a chimney, roof contractors use metal flashing. This metal is durable and should hold up just fine for years, but eventually, it can start coming apart. That essentially means there will no longer be a watertight barrier around this area, which water can then get through and affect important structures.

You'll easily notice this roof problem because there will be sections of flashing starting to come off. Or, there may be sections already missing. If you find this problem around your roof, get a repair completed as soon as you can.  

Light in the Attic

If your roof is in perfect condition, then you shouldn't see any light coming into the attic. It should be a dark place because that indicates there are no structural issues. If you do see light — even just a small amount — then you need to have the area checked.

There could be punctures that are small but big enough to let light in. That means water can get through these spaces, too, and that's not good. A roof repair contractor needs to examine the area to see how bad the structural issues are so that they can figure out which repair is appropriate. 

Wet Spots Around the Ceiling

Leaks can happen from time to time, especially older roofs that have a lot of structural problems. Figuring out if your roof is leaking isn't that difficult because typically, there will be wet spots around the ceiling.

You'll notice watermarks and then after touching them with your hands, they should be wet. That's a clear indication of water getting in from the roof and that's something a roof repair contractor can help you address with a quality long-term solution. 

A lot of things can happen to residential roofs regardless of the materials that were used during installation. If you are good about keeping a watch out for them, then you'll know when to respond and can hire a skilled contractor that saves you a bunch of issues in the future. 

For additional information, contact a local roof repair service.