Common Wood Roof Truss Problems And Solutions

by Grace Motley

Wooden trusses are a staple roof component on residential properties. They give roofs adequate support, but they are not without problems. Here are a couple problems you might experience with your own wooden roof truss and reasonable solutions that should be considered. 


Warping can happen to wooden roof trusses over time because the structural supports holding them up start breaking down. It's a pretty easy problem to identify because there will be sections of the wooden roof truss sagging. Responding quickly is important because it will keep the roof truss from collapsing entirely.

Warping is a pretty big structural issue to mess around with so as a precaution, hire an experienced roof truss repair contractor. You then won't put yourself in danger or have to worry about the warping sections not being repaired correctly. The contractor can repair and replace the support mechanisms so that the truss is angled perfectly again. 


Leaking can happen for a lot of reasons around a wooden roof truss. The fasteners a contractor used to set this truss up may have created openings that water slips through. Or maybe the lumber that the roof truss is made up of wasn't high-quality and that enables water to get through.

You want to respond quickly to a leaking wooden roof truss because water damage can break down integral structures fast. Sometimes the fix is as simple as patching over the section leaking and then other times some of the wooden materials that make up the truss have to be replaced. Talk to a truss repair contractor to find out for certain what repair is best. 


If your wooden roof truss is a couple of decades old or just wasn't set up properly, then rotting can happen. It will cause a lot of structures to become weak and then a potential collapse could be in your future. You want to hire a professional truss repair contractor for any sections of the truss that are rotting.

They will remove them in a minimally impactful way so that the entire truss doesn't have to be broken down. They'll also be thorough in their inspections to ensure no rot is left on any wood surfaces. 

Roofs trusses made out of wood are susceptible to several complications, but if you know what they are and take careful steps to respond, then issues will be minimal around your property's roof. 

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