Boiler Problems That Need To Be Repaired When Your Heating Fails This Winter

by Grace Motley

When you have a problem with radiant heating systems, it is due to an issue with the boiler. This is something that usually happens during the winter months when you are using your heating, and the boiler is frequently running to keep your home warm. Therefore, you may want to troubleshoot these issues when you need to get your heating back on. The following troubleshooting information will help you deal with the most common boiler problems that you need to have repaired.

Buildup and Dirty Tubing Causing Boiler Failures

The tubing of your boiler is one of the biggest causes of failures and inefficiency. This is due to the buildup of carbon deposits, which is worse during the winter months. Some repairs that may be needed to fix these problems include:

  • Retubing the boiler
  • Cleaning the burner
  • Repairing damaged exhaust flue pipes

These are some of the repairs that your system may need to fix issues with the buildup inside the boiler. The issues with build up inside your boiler can often be prevented by cleaning the system regularly.

Issues with the Burner and Ignition Systems

The burner and ignition system of your boiler may be causing issues with your heating system. Often, this is due to the components not being cleaned during regular maintenance and wearing out. Some of the issues with the burner and boiler ignition system include:

  • Failing boiler burner ignition
  • Bad thermocouple
  • Dirty and clogged burner

These are some of the issues with the burner and ignition systems that may need to be repaired when you are having problems with your heating. Over time, you may need to completely replace the burner unit of your boiler. This is due to the old burner becoming outdated and parts like the ignitor wearing out.

Problems with the Control Panel of Your Boiler

There could also be issues with the control panels failing and causing your boiler to not work properly. The control panel of your boiler may have short circuits and other problems that need to be repaired. Thus, you may need to have the control panel circuit board replaced when your boiler starts causing problems with your heating. If your system has old controls that are outdated, it may be time to update them with more efficient equipment.

The issues with your boiler are often the cause of heating failures during the winter months. Contact a boiler repair service to help fix these issues and get your heat back on.