Tips For Building A Home During A Hot Housing Market

by Grace Motley

Buying a home is always a big decision, but deciding to build your own custom home is an even bigger endeavor. It's an opportunity to craft the perfect estate for you and your family, a place where you will be completely happy for years to come. But if you are attempting to build a home during a hot market, when homes and plots of land are selling fast, you'll want to keep the following tips in mind. Here's how to make sure you end up happy with your final build when putting together a custom home during a hot housing market.

Tell Your Builder What Your Favorite Materials Are But Have a Plan B You Can Live With

When you build your own home from scratch, you'll have to select everything from the material used for the exterior to the type of flooring you use indoors. The point of bundling a custom home is that you can get everything exactly how you want it, but in a market where lots of people are all building at once, you might not be able to get the perfect materials when you want them. Your choices are to either delay the project and try again later or to have a list of alternative materials that you will still be happy with in the long run. Your custom builder can likely make some suggestions if you need to find a good replacement for what you originally wanted.

Show Up to Your First Meeting with Proof of Funds Ready to Go

When everyone and their mother is trying to lock in low interest rates and build the house they've always wanted, custom home builders can afford to be a bit choosy about which clients they take on. If the plot of land is located in an exclusive neighborhood, the builder may want to meet you and see that you are really on board before they agree to get started. It can be helpful to already have an approved mortgage ready to go. Better yet would be if you intend to pay cash and can offer proof of funds, such as your latest bank statement. A potential buyer that is ready to sign on the dotted line immediately is always going to have an advantage when trying to nail down a premium home build in a desirable area.

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