Civil Excavation And New Home Construction

by Grace Motley

Many consumers dream of building their own home. A custom construction gives you the ability to design a home that will fit your family's unique lifestyle.

Building a new home starts with the excavation process. A civil excavation company can perform a number of valuable services that will help you ensure your lot is safe and ready to accommodate the construction of your new home.

Survey the Land

The first thing a civil excavation company will do is survey the land where you plan to construct your new home. This survey is designed to identify any topographical features that might impact the construction process.

One of the major concerns addressed during a land survey is the angle of the property. This angle will need to be accounted for during the excavation process to ensure that your new home is nice and level once construction is complete.

Test the Soil

Once a land survey is complete, a civil excavation company will test the soil on your property. The composition of the soil can have a direct impact on the way in which your new home should be built.

Civil excavation companies will identify the soil type, and make any recommendations for treating soil deficiencies. Soil that tests as loamy may need to be treated with a chemical grouting process prior to construction.

Soil with a high clay content could be susceptible to movement and shifting, so you will need to stabilize the soil before construction begins.

A home can only be as strong as the ground it's built on, so having a civil excavation expert complete a soil test before you break ground will ensure the quality of your custom home over time.

Divert Water Safely

Water can become a significant factor in any major excavation project. Groundwater will need to be safely diverted away from the excavation site to prevent flooding and allow construction professionals to complete the foundation for your new home.

A civil excavation professional will be able to use the water table for your property to identify how much water will need to be diverted from the lot. A pump line can then be installed to safely move groundwater away from your construction site without creating environmental problems in the process.

The help of a civil excavation company is invaluable when you are building a custom home. You can rely on a civil excavation professional to help you ensure your lot is mapped, prepped, and treated properly so the foundation of your new home will be solid over time.