Well Pump Services You'll Need To Keep Your Well Working Properly And Your Water Sanitary

by Grace Motley

If your new home has well water and you've never maintained a well before, you might be worried about what you need to do to ensure your family has clean and safe water. There may not be a lot you can do yourself when it comes to preventative maintenance, especially if you have a submersible well that's out of sight. However, you can call a well pump service to check your well annually and when you have concerns about your water. Here are times you may want to call a well pump service and some things they might do to keep your well working and your water safe.

Have An Annual Well Check

Your water should be checked once a year for levels of bacteria, pesticides, and other contaminants. This gives you peace of mind the water is sanitary and hasn't been contaminated with runoff. At the same time, the well service can check the operation of the well so worn parts can be replaced if necessary before they cause problems. The contractor might do a flow test that measures output in gallons per minute. The flow test also measures the pressure in your system. If the readings are low, there might be a problem with your well or pump. The contractor also checks the parts of your well system to look for worn parts and damaged equipment that could need repairs. They might also check electrical components to rule out issues with the electrical system of the well pump.

Additionally, every time you have your well serviced, record the readings in a logbook so you can compare readings over time. Readings that gradually decrease could point to problems with the well. However, low readings might also indicate adjustments rather than repairs or replacements are needed.

By having an annual check, you can have confidence your well is maintained properly. Since you probably use more water in the summer than in other seasons, having the check done in the spring before a season of heavy use might be a good time, but you can have an annual test done any time.

Have A Check When You Suspect Problems

Since your family may drink water from a well that may not receive further treatments, it's essential to keep your well water clean and pure. When the water smells odd, tastes different, or looks cloudy, call a well service to test your water and do a well check if needed.

Other times to have your well serviced are when it makes unusual noises, you have a drop in water pressure, or when the flow of water stops completely. A well pump lasts a long time, but parts in the pump can wear out over the years and need to be replaced. Call for service at the first sign of problems with your well or pump because the problem could get worse and cause you to lose your source of water until emergency repairs can be done. For additional information, contact a company like Hull Well & Pump Service.