Repairing Your Automatic Commercial Doors

by Grace Motley

Automatic doors are a common sight at many businesses. While these doors can be an important option for making the building as accessible as possible for everyone, they will have their own sets of issues that can be encountered and that will have to be addressed.

Damaged Motors

An automatic door system will utilize a series of motors to open and close the door. These motors will experience considerable usage in an even moderately busy building. As a result, you may find that, one day, these motors start to have trouble opening and closing the door. This may result in the doors only partially opening or they being completely unable to open. Replacing these motors will be a complicated task as the motor will have to be correctly installed and properly balanced to ensure that it is able to effectively control the door. Mistakes with this process could make it much more likely that the opener will fail or that the door will open with far too much force. Professional automatic door repair technicians will be needed to effectively replace these motors.

Faulty Motion Sensors

Fully automated doors will likely use a motion sensor to detect when someone is approaching. This can be the signal for the door to open or close. These sensors can be some of the most sensitive and problem-prone components of the door. An example of the type of problem these sensors can experience is becoming misaligned due to someone bumping into them. While this can be corrected by aligning the sensors, this is a more challenging task than you may expect. Additionally, it is possible for these sensors to simply malfunction, and this could cause them to send the incorrect signal to the door opener.

Damage To The Door Itself

While the automated opening systems can be some of the components that are the most likely to fail and need to be repaired, there are also issues that the door itself could experience. An example of this type of issue would be a glass door developing cracks. These cracks can worsen as a result of the vibrations and forces generated by the automated opening system. A door repair contractor will likely be able to assist you with these repairs so that you can keep the cracks or other issues from worsening and potentially leading to you having to get a new door installed. Ideally, these professionals should be contacted as soon as possible as it may only be a matter of time before these issues become substantially worse for the door.