3 Tips To Prevent Plumbing Drainage Issues In Your Commercial Bakery

by Grace Motley

A bakery can be a busy place. Making bread, frying donuts, mixing dough, decorating cakes—the day can be completely full of tasks. Cleaning as you go and using sinks and drainage points will be ever-necessary as the workday goes on. Therefore, if something comes up with your bakery's plumbing system's drainage, the issue can bring the production within your business to a halt. Take a look at a few tips to keep in mind to help avoid big problems with your bakery's drainage system and a need for a commercial plumber.  

Sweep before cleaning the floors. 

Sprinkles, bits of bread, globs of frosting, crumbs, dough—so many things can make their way onto the floor in the middle of a busy day in your bakery. To prevent issues with your floor drains, make sure the floors are swept before they are hosed down with cleaning solutions. Otherwise, all this gunk will make its way into your floor drains and drainage lines. at the minimum, the gunk can cause issues with odors from the drains. In the worst cases, the debris can lead to major drain line stalls that will require a commercial plumbing professional to fix. 

Use grease traps on sink drains. 

Grease traps should be installed on the primary sink drains throughout the bakery. From the oil in your donut frying equipment to the cake frosting used for decorating, all these food particles can contain oils that can lead to big issues with drainage. In fact, clogged sink drains are one of the biggest reasons commercial kitchen owners have to call a commercial plumbing service for help. As an adage, make sure the sinks with grease traps are the only sinks where soiled items can be washed. For example, something like pastry bag tips with icing in them should be washed only in a sink that has the proper grease trap. 

Require employees to wear disposable gloves. 

Wearing gloves is a good rule of safety for public health when handling food. However, disposable gloves can also serve a secondary purpose in your bakery. When employees have on gloves and their hands get coated in something like donut icing or sticky glaze, they can simply pull off the gloves and throw them away. Normally, their hands would be soiled and all the debris would be washed down the drain, caked on faucet handles, and otherwise in places that could cause plumbing issues.

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