3 Reasons To Have Both The Interior And Exterior Of Your Home Repainted At The Same Time

by Grace Motley

Are you thinking about repainting the inside or outside of your home anytime soon? There are many great reasons to do so, like being able to provide your home with extra protection from the elements. But if you have not thought about repainting both the exterior and interior at the same time, you should do so. Here is why:

Make Your Entire Home Look New Again

Having both the interior and exterior of your home repainted at the same time will give your entire place a whole new look. Instead of the outside looking flawless and the inside looking worn or visa-versa, every part of your home will look as new as the day it was built. If you decide to repaint the exterior of your home now and wait until later to paint the interior, the outside may look dull and worn by the time you do repaint the inside. The interior and exterior of your home will never look fresh and new at the same time. Repainting everything now will keep your entire home looking the same as time goes on.

Save Yourself Some Time and Money

Having both the interior and exterior of your house painted at the same time is an excellent way to save yourself some time and money. While you will pay for the painting service both inside and out, you will not have to pay to have a painting crew come out to your home two separate times or pay fees for materials – like protective plastic – that is needed to complete your painting job more than once because the same plastic can be used throughout your entire painting project. Also, you will likely pay less for service hours because the painting crew will not have to set everything up and break it all down then clean the jobsite up more than one time.

Make Long-Term Maintenance More Convenient

Another great reason to have both the exterior and interior of your home repainted at the same time is to make ongoing maintenance more convenient for as long as you are living there. Your home's paint job will fade and wear at roughly the same time inside and out, which should make it easy for you to schedule touchup appointments for the entire house at the same time without having to worry about whether any areas actually need the touch-up or not.

Contact a local painting and remodeling company, such as Albrecht & Son LLC, to schedule an in-home consultation and to discuss the various painting options that are available to you.