Basics Of Stucco Repair

by Grace Motley

Stucco can last for a very long time since it's designed to have a lot of durability and isn't dependent on frequent maintenance. Still, stucco can sometimes become damaged over time due to weather (such as freeze-thaw cycles or moisture intrusion). Or, it can suffer damage in an accident, such as if a large tree branch falls on it.

Here are some of the basics of stucco repair for homeowners.

Signs Your Stucco Needs Help

Stucco has a textured, rustic appearance that may hide small imperfections well, so you'll have to look closely to see if your stucco is asking for help. This is especially the case with minor wear and tear caused by weather, such as freeze-thaw damage. Signs that your stucco may require maintenance or repairs include:

  • Visible damage to the finish (such as flaking paint)
  • Any cracks, even tiny ones, which can let in moisture
  • Any chips or holes in the surface

Different types of stucco damage may entail different levels of patching and repairs.

Repairing Versus Replacing Damaged Stucco

Stucco can last a very long time. So, unless your house and stucco are antiques, you likely won't need to replace your stucco altogether. Instead, you can probably have a stucco repair contractor complete patching to repair any damage that occurs due to accidents. Unless the accident managed to totally smash the stucco's surface, it will likely be repairable.

Materials Used in Stucco Repair

For stucco that's slightly neglected, you may only need a fresh coat of paint. This can be sufficient to seal up any tiny cracks (also known as hairline cracks) that may be present. For larger cracks and holes, your contractor may use a variety of repair materials, from rapid set stucco mix to pre-mixed stucco patch, or even special crack repair caulk.

In some cases, such as when your stucco only needs a coat of paint, you may be able to perform the maintenance yourself. If you notice or suspect that the stucco may have more damage than peeling paint, though, your best bet is to contact a stucco professional.

A professional can identify the source of the problem and help you eliminate it so the damage won't recur. In addition, hiring a contractor means you won't have to get up on a ladder to reach the higher-up parts of the siding (a venture that can be potentially hazardous).

For more information about stucco care and repairs, or to schedule a stucco repair visit, contact a local stucco repair professional.