Self-Priming Regenerative Water Pumps: An Introduction For Homeowners

by Grace Motley

Picking a water pump for residential use can take a lot of thought. You have to carefully consider what the pump will be used for, the setting where the pump will be used, and more. Plus, you will come across a plethora of options. A self-priming regenerative water pump is an example of one of the pump types you are bound to see. These pumps, like most other models, have their own pros and cons, applications for use, and functions. Here is a look at what you need to know about the self-priming water pump with regenerative features.

Pros of Self-Priming Regenerative Water Pumps

  • The water pumps are capable of continuously pushing water without manual priming through the recirculation process
  • The pumps do not have to be completely submerged in water to work 
  • The water pumps are less likely to get air trapped inside the lines 
  • The pumps can be used for pulling water from multiple sources, including water pipes

Cons of Self-Priming Regenerative Water Pumps

  • Pumps do not fare well with water containing mineral sediment 
  • Air can get caught inside the water pump if not properly set up 
  • The self-priming abilities can be affected by both temperature and altitude of the environment 

Good Applications for Self-Priming Regenerative Water Pumps 

Self-priming regenerative water pumps can work exceptionally well in specific circumstances. In general, these pumps are used for moving a domestic or residential water supply. For example, the pumps work well for carrying water to things like gardens or lawn sprinklers. Additionally, the water pump works well for moving air from a water line to an outlet point in the house or inside a structure. Water carried from water lines is more prone to getting air trapped inside the line, so the self-priming functions allow air to be naturally eradicated through the pumping process. 

Why Trust a Professional for Self-Priming Regenerative Water Pumps Installation 

While self-priming water pumps are not hard to find, they are a bit more complicated to install than a standard pump or even a centrifugal pump. It is far better to work with a professional who knows what they are doing. As noted, the slightest misstep in installation can affect how well the pump can eliminate air from its own operational lines during use. Water pump installation is not a timely process, so paying a professional to get the job done is a smart move to ensure you get the best function.

For more information, contact a water pump system service.