4 Reasons To Install Vinyl Decking Around Your Swimming Pool

by Grace Motley

If you're looking at decking options for your pool, consider the advantages of vinyl. Whether you have an inground or above ground pool, a vinyl deck would be an attractive choice. Here are four benefits of choosing vinyl decking to complement your pool.

1. You Have A Choice Of Colors

You can buy vinyl decking in dark colors that resemble different species of wood, however, you could also choose white or another light color. A white deck would absorb less heat, and that would make the deck cooler to walk on in bare feet. However, you can choose the color you like best. You might even want to match your deck to your fence for a color-coordinated backyard.

2. Vinyl Withstands Moisture And Water

A major benefit of vinyl is that it isn't damaged by water, and that makes it perfect for use around a pool. You won't have to worry about staining or protecting the vinyl. Your kids can splash in the pool, and you can hose off the deck without worry about water stains or rotting.

3. Vinyl Is Gentle On Kids

Falling is never fun, but falling on vinyl feels different than falling on concrete that can scrape your skin. Likewise, falling on wood can result in splinters. It's hard for kids to control excitement when playing in the pool, and sooner or later, they may run on the deck and fall. A fall on a vinyl deck might be less painful than taking a tumble on concrete.

Vinyl decking for use around pools is textured so it isn't slippery, and this can help prevent problems with slip and fall accidents on a wet deck. Vinyl is also gentle on bare feet since there are no splinters or rough, cracked surfaces.

4. Vinyl Decking Is Easy To Maintain

A vinyl deck doesn't take much work to maintain. If you don't want to spend time sealing and staining wood, then vinyl is a good choice for your deck. You can power wash vinyl and sweep away debris. If food or tree debris leaves a stain behind, the stain can be removed with a power washer or by using a vinyl cleaning product you can easily find at the store.

In addition to these benefits, vinyl decking is also attractive. Vinyl is treated to resist UV fading, so your deck holds its looks for a long time. Whether you want vinyl that looks like wood or a light color for your deck, vinyl decking adds a touch of beauty to your property and is the ideal decking for a swimming pool. Contact a vinyl decking service for more information.