Taking Your Safety Data Sheets And Chemicals Management To The Next Level

by Grace Motley

For years, safety data sheets (SDS) and material safety data sheets (MSDS) have been part of any business that works with or stores chemicals for use in their industry. SDS and MSDS management means keeping records and data in large numbers on hand, but with SDS software, companies now have a better way to store the information and have it available anytime it is required. 

SDS Compliance 

One of the most essential parts of working with chemicals is safety. The laws that govern how many of these chemicals are handled also require that the materials you are using in-house need documentation like safety data sheets or SDS. One way to track the materials and make sure you have up-to-date SDS for the chemicals you are using is to use SDS software to store all the information for you and allow you to access it very quickly. 

It is crucial to make sure that the SDS software you choose meets your industry's requirements, so talk to the software provider to see what they offer and how it meets your needs. A flexible and scalable software package is often the best option because it can grow with your company and ensure you stay compliant as your business expands. 

Flexible Distribution of Information

Businesses that have many chemicals on-site or that are regularly changing the chemicals they are using in their operation can find updating the information and documentation extremely time-consuming. Using a good SDS software that allows you to scan the tags on chemicals you have on hand can make updating and managing the inventory easier and make it easier for anyone that needs the information to access it. 

Software packages that allow sharing access with other organizations like the local fire department can benefit the company and keep everyone that may have to deal with the chemicals in an emergency or different situation informed about what you have on hand at that time. 

SDS software often tracks the delivery, use, and disposal of all the chemicals you use, so there is never a question about what you have in the building at any given time. You may also want to consider a software package that allows your employees to access the SDS or MSDS online.

This keeps everyone that may come into contact with the chemicals aware of any issues or concerns that come with that. A searchable database can be helpful if there is an emergency and you need information quickly. Being able to access it on a mobile device from outside the building can add a level of safety that could be critical in the event of a spill or other issue that could compromise the chemicals.