Finding the Right Contractor to Handle Your Roof Replacement

by Grace Motley

When you are considering replacing the roof on your home, there are some things to consider, including finding the perfect contractor to do the job for you. Not every roofing company will be a good fit for you, so taking the time to do some research is essential.

Look for Local Roofers

When you start to consider roof replacement services for your home, start with contractors in your local area. The contractor that works in the area is most likely going to have some references and examples of their work that you can check, and they will know the code for the area you live in. 

For instance, if you live along the coast, the building codes may require you to use more durable shingles on the roof or use particular nailing patterns to hold the shingles in place during storms. Working with a roofing contractor that regularly works within these rules means you do not need to worry about whether the work will meet the guidelines when the work is completed. 

Local roof replacement companies also often have an investment in the community, so they often will provide better service than a large company from somewhere else in the country that sends a crew in to do the work and then leaves. 

Check the Warranties

It is crucial that you ask the roof replacement contractor you are considering about the warranties that come with your new roof. The roofing material will have a warranty on it that is often rated for twenty to thirty years, but the warranty for the contractor and their crew's work may not be as long.

It is essential that the roofer offers some warranty on the work, and you need to know how long that warranty is and what it covers. The roof replacement is only as good as the work that the roofing company does on the home. The thirty-year singles that are not installed correctly will not last the time they are rated for, and you need to be able to call the roofing contractor if there is a problem with the roof after it is installed.

Examine Their Schedule and Timeliness 

Working with a local roof replacement company that can do the work on your roof in a timely manner is another consideration. If you need roof work but the company you want to use is so busy that you have to wait for several months to get the job done, they may not be the best choice. 

If the roof is leaking or if there is significant damage and you are headed into the winter months, you may want to consider another company that can do the work right away. The schedule may not always be important, but when it is, it can dictate which contractor you hire for your roof replacement.