The Benefits Of Building Your Home Into The Ground

by Grace Motley

These days, it is becoming more common for people to have their homes built into the ground or earth. Some are built into the side of a hill. Others are built partially underground. But what are the benefits of having your home built in this somewhat unusual way? Take a look.

Your home will maintain a steady temperature without too much extra heat or cooling.

Have you ever noticed that basements seem to stay cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter in comparison to the rest of the home? This is because the soil underground maintains a relatively constant temperature throughout the year. When you build an underground home, you get to take advantage of this. Your home will maintain a very pleasant, middle-of-the-road temperature year-round. While you will probably need a heating and cooling system, it will only have to run on the coldest and hottest days. As a result, you can expect very low energy bills with an earth home.

Your home will be quiet and peaceful inside.

When your home is surrounded by earth, that earth will absorb a lot of the surrounding noise. Even if your home is in a somewhat bustling area with lots of traffic, you will barely hear a thing inside. And noise from the inside won't travel out either so the neighbors won't be bothered if your child practices the drums or clarinet.

Your home will feel like it's one with the earth.

Most homes are created as a way to separate humans from the natural earth. But underground homes take the opposite approach. Because they are essentially built into the ground, rather than above it, they give you a sense of being united with and dependent on the planet. This can be very comforting from an existential, natural perspective, and it's a constant reminder that humans are dependent on the planet for their needs.

Your home won't require as many building materials.

Building a traditional home requires so many building materials, from concrete for the foundation to timber for the structure. An underground home requires a lot fewer building materials, which means less pollution is generated in its construction process. 

Having an underground home built can be a life-changing process. Work with an underground home builder who is experienced in this type of building, and be ready to enjoy the benefits above. Living in an earth home is a true experience.