2 Tips For Preparing For Having Your New Water Well Drilled

by Grace Motley

Whether you have recently purchased a home out in the country or have lived there for quite some time, you may not have access to city or county water services and depend on a well for your household's water supply. If there is not one yet present or your current one has dried up, you may find yourself in a position where you need to have a new one drilled. If you have already scheduled a visit from a drilling contractor, you may be wondering if there is anything you can do beforehand to help with the process. If so, use the following tips to help with your preparations.

1.  Select a Couple of Possible Suitable Locations for the Well

One thing that you can do to be prepared when the contractor comes to drill your well is to have a couple of possible locations selected. Since meeting a couple of conditions for an ideal well location is important, make sure you look carefully at the surface ground when making your choice.

When surveying your property, look for areas that are slightly elevated above the rest of the ground. This will help keep too much water runoff from flooding the well. Also, consider any possible contaminants that could harm your water supply. Do not pick a spot that is close to a septic system or an area where livestock gather.

2.  Clear Away Debris and Vegetation from the Potential Areas

Once you have picked out a few prospective spots for the new well, try to clear away as much debris and vegetation from these areas as possible before the contractor arrives. There are a couple of reasons why cleaning up any debris and removing grass, shrubs, and other vegetation can help out.

First, having the surface areas cleared will give the contractor a better visualization of the soil. This can help them better pinpoint any problems as well as help with the final selection. Second, once the final selection is made, the contractor can get to work with the setup for the drilling. Since they will not have to clear away the area, this will help make the process go faster.

Have a few possible locations for your well picked out as well as having their areas cleared can help speed up the process of allowing the contractor to fully visualize the property and make the final selection. If you are still having trouble picking out an ideal spot or have any further questions about preparations or the process involved, speak with a contractor who offers well-drilling services. Look for a local drilling service like Russell Well Drilling.