Material Handling Equipment For A Small Warehouse

by Grace Motley

Material handling equipment will improve efficiency and increase productivity. If your receiving and shipping crew works in a small warehouse that contains shelves with a minimal amount of space separating them, it can be difficult to maneuver standard equipment through each aisle. Purchase some material handling equipment that is suitable for use in confined areas.

A Narrow Forklift Or A Stacker

A compact forklift that contains a narrow body will operate like a full-sized model but fit in tight spaces. This type of forklift can be operated with or without attachments. The upper part of the machinery will contain an area that is large enough for one person to sit. Weight restrictions may vary in comparison to a larger model, due to the size of the machinery. Take into account the load amounts that your operators will need to transport to guide you in choosing a compact model.

A stacker is another piece of equipment that will aid with transporting items, but the operator of the machinery will not be seated during the process. A stacker is a thin machine that will allow products to be stacked upon a flat platform.

The opposite side of the machine contains a handle, which an operator can hold onto as they push the unit along each aisle. A stacker contains an elevating and descending function, which will allow merchandise to be lifted or lowered, both during the stocking and order picking process.

Mini Lifts And Platform Carts

Mini lifts can be utilized in between shelving units and are suitable for applications that are going to be repeated numerous times. For instance, if a lot of the same inventory items are received on a frequent basis, a mini lift can be transported to the aisle where it is going to be used and stabilized to prevent the equipment from tipping over.

A lift contains a wheelbase that will be unmovable once a latch has been released and stabilizing pegs have been extended. This type of equipment will either require a crank to be turned manually or a button to be pressed to lift and lower the freight that is being transported.

Platform carts will allow your workers to easily move products from the dock to the areas where they are being stocked. Before purchasing a platform cart, measure the width of each aisle. Purchase a cart with a platform that will fit through each aisle.

Since your employees are working in an environment that is smaller than traditional warehouses, research carts that contain multiple tiers. A multi-tiered cart can be used to transport a lot of items at once, minimizing trips back and forth to the receiving dock and the need to temporarily stack products on the floor.