The Deck Remodeling Guide to Add Custom Spaces to Your Home With a New Outdoor Design

by Grace Motley

If you want to remodel your deck, you want to give it a custom design. There are options like outdoor enclosures, structures, and design features for your deck. The following deck remodeling guide will help give you more than new surfaces for outdoor spaces:

Changes That Add Deck Surfaces to Outdoor Spaces

The deck remodeling project should start with improvements to the structure. The deck structure can also be improved by adding space with solutions such as:

  • Additional deck levels
  • Platforms to create flat outdoor surfaces
  • Boardwalks to add paths to uneven terrain

These changes to the structure will help give your outdoor spaces more usable surfaces. Boardwalk paths are a great way to transition from the deck area to outdoor gardens and landscaping. They can lead to platform areas and other spaces.

Choosing the New Surface for Your Deck

The surface of your deck is one of the most important aspects when remodeling it. The surface you choose can be conventional decking, composite lumber, and impermeable finishes. These deck finish options include:

  • Natural treated and tropical lumber
  • Composite lumber decking
  • Lightweight concrete surfaces
  • Impermeable vinyl deck finishes

With a new custom surface, your deck can last for years and only need a little maintenance. If you choose natural wood, materials like tropical hardwood decking will last the longest.

Outdoor Structures to Cover Deck Space

The deck can also have structures incorporated into the design. These structures can provide covered and enclosed spaces for your home. Some of the additional structures to consider for your deck remodeling project include:

  • Pergolas for shaded deck spaces
  • Enclosed areas for protection from the weather
  • Covered porch spaces for shade and protection from rain

The outdoor structures can help enhance your deck design. You can even combine features like pergolas and screen in porches to improve your outdoor spaces.

Modern Railing Designs to Enhance Decks

The deck railings can also have a custom design. Today, there are even designs that combine traditional and modern styles for a unique look. Options to consider for the railings include:

  • Conventional wood railings with metal features
  • Unique custom metal railing designs
  • Custom glass railing designs

These are the custom railings that you will want to consider for the design of your deck. You may want to combine these materials to give the railings a unique look.

These are deck design solutions that will give you the custom look and features you want. Call a deck remodeling service to start planning your new outdoor spaces.