Dealing With Clogged Drains That Cause Plumbing Problems During Winter Weather

by Grace Motley

Freezing temperatures and clogged drains can cause serious problems with plumbing. As the cold water freezes, it can cause blockages to worsen and severely damage the pipes. Therefore, there may be some unique issues that you have to deal with. The following winter clogged drain issues are problems that need to be dealt with before they cause damage:

Clear blocked lateral sewer lines

The lateral sewer lines are where serious problems often start when the temperatures drop below freezing. This can be due to different types of problems that clog the main sewer pipe, which include:

  • Plant roots slowing sewer line drainage
  • Blockage building up inside of pipes
  • Old pipe materials decaying and causing problems

These issues often cause lateral sewer lines to become blocked. These problems with the main sewer line should be cleaned before they cause damage when temperatures drop.

Keep kitchen sinks clear of grime

The sink in your kitchen is another area where you may have to deal with clogged drains. You want to keep the grime cleared from the sinks. Things you can do to keep the blockage out of kitchen drains include:

  • Clearing lines with hot water to remove blockages
  • Using household mixtures of vinegar and baking soda
  • Removing traps and clearing blockages in sink drains

Doing these things will keep your sinks clear of blockage that can cause problems during winter weather.

Deal with unclogging problems

There are problems with slow drains that you are going to have to deal with before temperatures drop. You will want to clean the lines to remove any blockages. Use environmentally-friendly drain cleaning techniques you use in the kitchen to clean the other pipes in your home. When you cannot get to a blockage, you may be able to access it from the cleanout cap on the plumbing drain system.

Call a drain cleaning service when pipes back up

There may be serious issues with clogged drains that you are going to need help with. You will want to call a drain cleaning service for help with some of the following problems:

  • Clearing deep pipe clogs that you cannot reach
  • Replacing damaged lateral sewer lines that are decaying
  • Repairing leaking pipes that have been damaged by cold weather

When you are dealing with these problems, you will want to call for help. Plumbing services will be able to help you with clearing clogs and repairing pipes.

These are issues with clogged drains that you are going to have to deal with before the freezing temperatures cause damage. Call a drain cleaning service for help dealing with these problems before cold weather damages the pipes.