The Appeal Of Outsourcing Your Limited Drilling Access To Contractors

by Grace Motley

The success of your geotechnical or environmental project may hinge on how well you can access challenging landscapes. You may need to gather data and drill in certain geographical areas that are typically off-limits or pose potential hazards to you and others who occupy them. 

Rather than call off or compromise your project, you can outsource some of its progress to a third-party contracting service that specializes in limited access drilling. These reasons are some to use a limited access drilling solution service for your project.

Overcoming Challenging Environments

The environments where you need to gather the most vital data can sometimes be located in geographical areas to which you cannot gain easy access. They also can be located in areas where you need to take special precautions to protect people who live or work in them. 

When you outsource this work to a limited drilling access team, you can take the necessary precautions. The limited access drilling contractors can provide safeguards like ventilation, ducts, and cranes to prevent the drilling equipment being used from posing any hazard to people or structures on the property.

Low Clearance

Another reason to use a limited access drilling solution involves getting access to drilling rigs that have low clearances. When your project takes you into commercial areas, such as shopping districts or residential areas with overhead electrical wires, you need to take care not to damage structures that already exist there. You need to use drilling equipment that is shorter than what you would use out in an open, unrestricted area.

The limited drilling access contractors have drills that are as low as a dozen feet. These lower rigs prevent your crew from damaging utility poles and wires, rooftops, and other structures that you may have to accommodate during your work.

Compact Rigs

Finally, the limited drilling access solution can give you access to rigs that are compact and relatively small in size. They may only span less than a dozen feet wide, making them ideal for using in tight areas where you normally cannot fit a large drilling rig. You can use limited access drilling in an area that may otherwise be off-limits to you because of its dimensions.

These reasons are some for using a limited drilling access solution in your project. You can overcome challenging areas and get access to shorter, compact rigs. Limited access drilling teams can help you work in areas that can be challenging otherwise.