Outdoor Court Installation Tips For Homeowners

by Grace Motley

If you have a home with plenty of space, adding an outdoor court may be a great investment. It gives you ample room for activities like basketball, soccer, or even tennis. You can ensure this installation goes smoothly by taking these measures.

Prioritize Evenness

Whatever type of sport you plan on enjoying on this outdoor court near your property, being able to play on an even surface is paramount for optimal and safe experiences. If there is just one uneven section on the court, that can spoil a lot of your fun.

Getting an even surface requires a lot of patience and specialty analysis equipment. For example, you need a good leveler to ensure there are no inconsistencies with the ground surface before any materials are laid down. If everything checks out with evenness, subsequent steps will be easier to carry out.

Map Out Dimensions

The costs of this project will depend on how big you want the outdoor court to be. You want to focus on the court's dimensions before getting too far ahead of yourself. Start out with a basic visualization of where this court is going.

Once you have an area mapped out, place markers out and adjust them until you have some fairly accurate dimensions you can see working out. You can then use these totals to estimate material costs and labor if you're having professionals install this outdoor court for you.

Look Into Permitting

Before you start putting any outdoor court materials down, you want to see if your area requires a permit. Since this may be a fairly large structure, you may end up having to purchase a permit for this construction.

Talk to your area's building association and see what legal steps need to be taken before this outdoor court installation can commence. Once you find out, be sure to submit your requests to get a permit. Once you have it and can show proof, you can start the installation without having to worry about anyone complaining or receiving expensive fines. 

Outdoor courts are the perfect spaces for sports, including basketball and tennis. If you're putting one on your property, take time to work out the moving parts of this multi-step process. Then you'll have fewer complications to deal with and delays won't keep you from enjoying this court in a reasonable amount of time.

Contact an outdoor court installation service for more information.