How to Choose the Right Handyman

by Grace Motley

While you sometimes need specialty contractors to work on certain projects around your home, there are times when you just need some extra help with general jobs. If you're not that good at DIY or don't have a lot of free time, then it pays to look at hiring a handyman.

It's important to choose a handyman carefully. Asking the following questions will help you shortlist suitable candidates.

1. What Does the Handyman Do?

You'll generally find that every handyman has a range of skills and jobs they like to work on. On a basic level, you might find someone who will do simple jobs. A regular handyman might do anything from making minor repairs to installing a kitchen. They'll be able to decorate rooms, hang shelves, lay floors, and even fix basic plumbing problems. They'll have a good range of general DIY skills.

Some services also have special skills. For example, they may do some carpentry and electrical work. They may be qualified to take on larger building projects. You should think about the reasons why you want to hire a handyman. Do you want a go-to guy who can help you with basic repairs and jobs? Do you want a service that could work on larger projects in the future? Once you know that, you can choose the right type of service.

2. How Quickly Can They Get to You?

It's a good idea to ask a handyman about their typical availability. You need to know how quickly they could do a job for you on average. Keep in mind that trusted contractors have a solid customer base that will keep them busy. So, don't expect them to be immediately available for every job. However, it's a good idea to choose someone who can respond quickly in an emergency and who doesn't book up too far in advance for regular jobs. If they are prepared to work evenings and weekends, then that's a bonus.

3. How Do They Charge?

Some handymen charge by the job; others on an hourly, part-day, or full-day basis. It's down to you to choose the right billing method to suit you. If you can save up a few jobs at a time, then it is worth looking at services that charge a flat fee for part or all of the day. This could be more economical. You will likely pay more for certain skills and projects. For example, if you're looking for upscale handyman work, then you may need someone with more in-depth skills and qualifications.

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