Roof Or Gutters: 2 Ways To Determine Which One Is Leaking

by Grace Motley

If you have a water leak coming into your house, you may automatically assume that the roof is the cause of the issue. However, the culprit could also be your gutters. If you are unsure of which is leaking, there are a couple of ways that you can try to determine the source.

1. Determine the Location of the Leak in Relation to the Roof

One way you can attempt to find out whether your roof or gutters is leaking is to first look at where the water is leaking into your house. Then, think about where the source could be in relation to that.

If you have a leak toward the center of your house, the chances are pretty good that there is damage to the roof either directly above it or more toward the top of the pitch. Since water will flow down, it could be anywhere on the roof above that point. 

However, if the leak is coming from the ceiling or corners of an exterior wall, there is a possibility that the gutters are overflowing and allowing water to filter under the siding. If you do not see obvious signs of damage to either the roof or the gutters, you will need a professional to find it for you.

2. Inspect the Underside of Your Gutters While It Is Raining

If you suspect that your gutters may be to blame, another way to narrow down the cause of the leak is to inspect the underside of the gutters while it is raining outside. If the weather will be dry, you can also lay a garden hose in the center of the gutters and turn on the spigot to full.

While looking at the gutters, you may see that the water flows over the back edge and between it and the roof. In this case, the leak is most likely caused by the gutters. However, if the water seems to be flowing through the gutters without any issues, the roof is probably to blame.

Even if you feel that you have determined whether the roof or gutters is responsible for the leak in your house, pinpointing its exact location and making the required repairs can be difficult to do on your own. Contact a contractor who offers roofing services to have them fully inspect your roof and gutters so that they can find the problem areas and discuss with you your options for fixing them.

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