Why You Should Have Land Surveying Done When Setting Up A Horse Property

by Grace Motley

If you are thinking about buying a horse property, or if you own a piece of land that you would like to keep horses on for pleasure or business purposes, then you will probably want to work with a land surveyor. Having land surveying done when setting up a horse property is a good idea for the following reasons and more.

Make Sure You're Getting the Right Property

If you have not yet purchased the piece of land that you will be building your horse property on, then you will probably want to make sure that you're making the right decision when purchasing your land. Working with a land surveyor is a good idea. Then, you can make sure that the property is right for what you have in mind, and you can use the information found in the land survey to help you make an offer on the land. Plus, you might be required to have a land survey done if you are going to be using financing as a means of purchasing the property.

Get a Better View of Your Property

When you begin your planning, you will probably want to get a good look at the piece of land that you're going to be using to set up your horse property. Luckily, a land surveyor can help you get a better idea of the piece of land that you are going to be working with.

Determine Where to Set Up Your Fencing

You might be planning on installing fencing around the entire property. This can be a good thing for security purposes, and it can help you ensure that your horses stay safe if they get out of their pastures or barns. Then, you might want to set up separate pastures and other fenced-in areas for horses and riders. If you don't know where your property lines are, then you might not be sure of where to install your fencing. With the help of a land surveyor, however, you should be able to determine exactly where your fencing should be placed.

Determine Where to Build Your Structures

In addition to installing fencing on your horse property, you might be planning on building various structures. For example, you might want to install one or more barns for horses to live in. You might be planning on building a home for yourself on the property, too, and you might want to build storage barns and other buildings. It can be tough to determine where to place everything if you haven't yet had a land survey done on the property. However, with the help of a land surveyor, you can get the information that you need so that you can determine proper building placement.