Why Your Home Gym Should Be On The Ground Floor

by Grace Motley

Workout enthusiasts often love the idea of setting up a gym at home. If you're in the early stages of working with a builder on custom home plans, now is the time to figure out a dedicated space in which you and your family can keep fit. Many people immediately think of the basement as being ideal for a home gym. There are benefits to this plan, but you might also wish to think about the merits of a gym on the ground floor. Here are some reasons that it's smart to design your custom home with a dedicated room for a gym on the main floor.

The Ventilation Will Be Better

A home gym should have multiple windows in it. Even if you want mirrors on one wall and storage options for your fitness equipment on another wall, you should never underestimate the value of windows. In addition to keeping the space bright and inviting, they allow for good air circulation. Heavy sweating during your workouts can leave the floors and your exercise equipment damp. When the home gym doesn't have a good source of fresh air, it can begin to smell bad. Basement windows tend to be small because only a portion of the wall is above the level of the ground outside. On the ground floor, however, your home gym's windows can be as large as you'd like — thus allowing for maximum airflow through the gym.

The Ceiling Can Be Higher

Designing your custom home to include a home gym on the ground floor also means that the ceiling in this space can be higher. In a basement, it's rare for ceilings to be higher than necessary because, in order to have a taller room, you generally need to dig a deeper foundation — something that can be very pricey. Conversely, a tall room on the ground floor of the residence simply requires your builder to plan for higher walls. In a home gym, it's nice to have a high ceiling so that the space feels roomy for activities such as jumping rope or using a mini-trampoline.

The Location Can Provide Motivation

When you have a gym in the basement of your custom home, the "out of sight, out of mind" adage can be applied. In other words, you might not think about working out because you aren't near the gym every day. This can be troublesome if you occasionally need motivation to get moving, perhaps in the winter when you feel more sedentary. On the ground floor, you might feel more motivated. You'll see the gym multiple times each day, which could compel you to use it more often.

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