Hiring Painting Contractors For Your Commercial Space

by Grace Motley

Painting the inside of a space to make it look better or for visual impact is common, and when it is done right, new paint can give a space a whole new feel. In commercial spaces, doing a great job with the paint can be more difficult for several reasons, and often hiring a commercial painting company is the best way to make the space stand out.

Large Spaces

One of the biggest problems when painting a commercial property is that it is often very large, making it difficult to reach things like the ceiling. Hiring commercial painting contractors to do the job can save you a lot of time, and in most cases, they will bring things like ladders and scissor lifts with them to the job. 

An experienced painting contractor will also be able to determine the size of the crew they need for a specific job by the size of the space and what you need to be painted. If they are only painting the ceilings, for instance, they may only need a three-person crew, but if they are doing the walls and the ceiling, adding a few people to the team can mean getting the job done faster and more efficiently. 

The square footage of the space also often comes into play when commercial painting contractors are looking at the job and working out an estimate for you. A large empty space may not take as much time to paint as a smaller one with a lot of things in it, but the cost may still be higher because of the amount of material required to do the job.

Paint Quality 

The paint that you select for your space is often a higher-quality paint than the paint you buy in gallon cans at the local home center. A commercial painting company typically buys the paint they are using in five-gallon buckets, and often it comes from a paint supplier that they work with regularly. 

You can pick the color of the paint you want to use, and the painting contractor will bring the paint to the job when they are ready to get started. The higher the paint's quality, the longer it will last and the more durable it will be in your commercial environment. Commercial spaces are not always the easier areas to paint, so using the highest-quality paint you can afford can extend the life of the paint and extend the time between paint jobs for your commercial property.