3 Tips For Finding The Right Deck Builder For Your Home

by Grace Motley

Making the decision to add a deck to your house certainly comes with challenges, especially if you have never tackled this type or scale of DIY project. From knowing which materials are required to understanding safety specifications, constructing a deck is neither quick nor easy. Employing the expertise of a professional, however, can help bring your vision to life with the least amount of stress. Use the tips below to guide you in locating and hiring the best deck builder to meet your needs.

1) Do some pre-planning. You probably have a rough image in your mind of how you want your future deck to look and function. Before you begin the process of selecting a contractor, you should take some time to outline your wish list for this project. According to Decks.com, designing a deck is a personal task that requires a bit of forethought. Think about what colors you might like for the decking and whether or not you want a structure that spans two levels. How do you plan for foot traffic to flow? Do you want an angular shape or a more curved approach? Do you envision setting up an outdoor kitchen or an area to entertain family and friends on the deck? These are all questions to ask yourself and factors to work out prior to bringing a deck builder on board. Knowing exactly what you want in your ideal deck is a crucial step because you will need to share this vision with your contractor for the best results.

2) Read reviews, and do your research. One of the best ways to determine if a deck contractor is a good fit for you is to take a look at reviews about the company online. Consider both good and bad remarks. In addition to gaining some insight from other customers, do some research about the business itself. Most companies will have a gallery of their work posted on their website; scroll through these pictures to get an idea of the aesthetic and craftsmanship that the contractor has previously demonstrated. Once you settle on a promising contractor, interview them. Angie's List suggests asking several questions, including finding out how long the company has been in business, if they handle local permitting, and what timelines they can commit to for completing the project.

3) Watch out for warning signs. Don't sign a contract if you notice any red flags at all as you are speaking with and vetting builders. If the contractor is unable to provide you with proof of their licensing or insurance, do not hire them. Additionally, keep an eye out for any builders who ask you to secure permits on your own or who will only accept cash payments or large advances.

Building your new deck can be an exciting process and a nice addition to your home, so be sure to hire the right deck builder to create the perfect outdoor living space for years to come.