Three Advantages Of Wood Flooring

by Grace Motley

When you're trying to decide between the different types of flooring you can put in your house, whether it's a brand new house or a renovation, you'll have a lot of options: carpet, tile, laminate, and even concrete. 

But have you thought about wood flooring? Many homeowners relegate wood flooring to offices or hallways, thinking that the high traffic areas are the best locations. Instead, here are three advantages to having wood flooring not just in a few places, but all over your house.

It's Better For Your Health

Carpet flooring may look nice and feel comfortable on your feet, but those tiny pieces of fabric can trap in allergens that can be detrimental to people with sinus issues. They also start to smell bad after several years of usage, since they hold the tiny particles from feet, shoes, and pet dander that accumulate over time.

Many people with asthma or sinus issues choose wood flooring for these very reasons. The lack of standing residue on the ground promotes a better quality of air and cleaner surfaces, which helps alleviate symptoms.

It's Easier to Clean

Spill red wine on carpet flooring, and you've got a mess on your hand. Unless you're able to somehow get all the liquid out with your vacuum, you'll most likely need to rent a steam cleaner. If it's still not up, you'll need to contact a carpet dealer to see if they still have your style in stock, schedule an appointment, and have at least part of your flooring replaced.

Wood flooring doesn't have that issue. Unless you're dealing with a lighter stain of wood that is more raw - and thus, sucks in moisture more easily - a red wine stain is as simple as taking a rag and wiping it clean. The same goes for any other type of thing that could fall on your floor: just vacuum, wipe, or scrub the stain away.

It's Surprisingly Durable

Wood flooring has a natural feel to it. Indeed, some of the more expensive varieties are the ones that look more authentic and feel more rugged, complete with knots that are visible, and even signs of wear and tear. If you were to drop a cup on your wood floor and it chips the wood, that can be ignored much easier than if that same cup falls on tile flooring. In that situation, you may have to call a tile flooring contractor to replace the tile for you, and then hope you don't make the same mistake again. Wood flooring stands the test of time because it's designed to show abuse better.

If you're looking for the right wood flooring for your home, talk to an expert near you.